hell blazes and heck fire!

by dry and dusty

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released March 15, 2016



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dry and dusty Spokane, Washington

Dry and Dusty is an oldtime sister duo from Spokane, WA. Ruthie and Sally Jablonsky grew up playing music with their parents, hiking around in the desert singing cowboy songs, and learning the old tunes from their extended family at fiddle festivals. As well as being firmly rooted in the Appalachian fiddle tradition, the sisters write new country songs that are crooked and lonesome and true. ... more

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Track Name: glitter don't glitter in the dark
glitter don't glitter in the dark
you don't shine quite as bright since you came back
round these parts

CHORUS: so don't look down, you're on shakey ground
you're gonna make it 'cause there's nothing else to do

most everyone's seen a hard time or two
been away too long from friends too few
oh, stones will fall where they may
sinking you so you'll never see one more day
Track Name: you denied your love
sad was the day when you went away
you broke my heart in the month of may
that little ring i gave to you
was to show you dear my love was true

sweet are the flowers of our friendship
that have bloomed our whole lives through
but ne'er forget though you're far away
they're blooming in my heart today

you denied your love but you proved it so
when you came to see me when the sun was low
you broke my heart but you were kind
when you said oh dear you'll ne'er be mine

oh let me tell you what love will do
when you love a boy that don't love you
he'll brake your heart and leave you alone
and roam the west so far from home
Track Name: don't treat me bad
don't treat me bad
don't treat me mean
don't treat me like i'm not the only girl
that you've been seein

CHORUS: 'cause you're gonna miss your chance
and i can't keep doing this same old dance
we're gonna lose what we built
you can't put it all back in after it's been spilt

start treatin me nice
shoulda done before
then maybe we can talk
about me not waking out that door
don't hold me tight
and make it seem like you care
when i know that you know
that it not fair
don't treat me bad
Track Name: all i've got
if i'd learned to love you
if you'd only let me try
if you'd gone and let me leave you
i'd have never made you cry
CHORUS: now i'm cold and lonesome without you
my hands are stiff with regret
'cause all i've got is your memory
i'm cold and i can't seem to forget
Track Name: the sea monster
i'll carry you away ,love
down to my sea home
i'll show you a million wondrous things
and never shall you roam
never shall you roam

i've seen you a wading
by the river shore
you have the prettiest eyes
i'd ever seen before
ever seen before

your eyes are sad and dark, love
deep as the sea
and as soon as i saw you
i knew you'd come with me
you'd come with me

they say that i'm a monster
but i'll soon show you
i'll care for you like no one else
down in the watery blue
in the watery blue

repeat first verse